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May 26, 2020

Meet Wade Lightheart, the president of BiOptimizers, 3-time bodybuilding champion, author, and expert on gut health and fitness optimization. I’m thrilled to have Wade on today’s episode to talk about all things diet and nutrition for holistic wellbeing… and to get his take on the main thing on everyone’s mind right now: COVID-19.

This conversation was a personal one for me. Much like my own health issues guided me to the world of natural medicine, Wade went through a series of formative experiences that sparked his interest in supplements and nutrition. At age 15, Wade’s family moved to a remote village in New Brunswick and his older sister was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. As a coping mechanism, he channeled his time and energy into bodybuilding, a decision would fundamentally change the course of his life.

In this episode of Natuerious, we have the opportunity to glean knowledge from a gut-health virtuoso. You’ll learn about the importance of enzymes in digestion, which supplements all Americans should be taking, why you shouldn’t trust every single medical study, plus some behavioral and attitudinal changes you can make that will dramatically improve the quality of your life — both today and in the uncertain future.



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