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May 18, 2020

June Florence’s personal battle with breast cancer gave her all the proof she needed to trust in her body’s intuition. After a round of chemo treatments and two lumpectomies, she followed her instinct to Maui where she pursued alternative medicine, changed her diet, and ultimately recovered.

It was my struggle with endometriosis and adenomyosis that first brought us together. Since June and I began working together, I’ve embraced natural enzymatic treatment methods that have broken down some of the scar tissue caused by my endometriosis, resulting in pain-free monthly cycles and improved digestion. Her presence in my life has taught me so much about holistic medicine, and in this episode of Nateurious, I invite her to share her learnings with you. We cover the impact of enzymes on genetic expression and inflammation, lifestyle changes that may slow signs of aging, and the reasons you are qualified to make instinctual decisions when it comes to your own body.

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