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Jun 16, 2020

Lauren Napier, founder of Lauren Napier Beauty, is no stranger to racism in her personal life and as a business-owner in the beauty world. When she first came up with the idea to create eco-friendly makeup wipes, she knew her products would be for all people, no matter their race—but, unfortunately, this business model isn’t unanimously practiced in the wellness industry.

Lauren is on a mission to educate people on the realities of systemic racism and use her experience to help Black Women-led businesses get the funding they need with the Consider Something Better initiative.

In this timely conversation, Lauren tells us just a few of her many experiences with racism and offers insight on how we can stand in solidarity and make a meaningful difference. She touches on the history of racism, policing, and protesting while offering tangible ways you can support, speak out, and be anti-racist from an economic perspective.


Lauren’s Instagram: @laurennapierbeauty

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The Consider Something Better initiative:


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