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Jun 23, 2020

It’s my honor to share this conversation with Eddie Stone, the CEO and Founder of Touchstone Essentials. Eddie first touched my life in 1998 when his seminar in Long Beach brought me to California for the first time, an experience that directly impacted my decision to move to the West Coast. His work in supplements has informed many of the choices I’ve made when formulating Agent Nateur products and inspired my insistence upon using pure ingredients.

Eddie’s understanding of vitamins, minerals, and quality sourcing has resulted in a line of superior supplements that actually work. In this episode of Natuerious, he shares how he came to found Touchstone Essentials and the principles behind their products. You’ll learn the distinct difference between vitamins found in nature and those generated in a lab, what to look out for beside a USDA Certified Label, and the top four factors that affect the quality of our food: Soil health, water quality, atmosphere, and seed quality. If you have endometriosis, menstrual cramps, or any other health issue that may be exacerbated by pollutants in our environment, this episode is especially for you.



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